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If the money is in the list, which is what every marketing guru says to their followers, then you have to do more than just learn how to turn prospects into subscribers. You have to master the art of email marketing itself.

Email Marketing Success Guide

If you gain followers but fail to cater to their needs, you’re going to flounder in this career and do a lot of work recruiting people to follow you for nothing. Email marketing has to be done right – because if you mess up sending things to someone’s email inbox, they can be very unforgiving. 

Create an Opt-In Offer That Can’t Be Refused

Create an Opt In Offer That Cant Be Refused

Your email marketing success must start with a successful opt in offer. Without it, no one will even care about what you might say in the future because they’re not interested in signing up in the beginning. 

Make sure that your offer is targeted to their exact needs. Pinpoint their most frustrating pain points and offer a simple solution to one or more of them. You don’t have to provide something mind-blowing or extensive.

It can be a drilled down issue that you address that helps them make progress in the niche. For example, let’s say you’re in the golf niche. You might create a short report that teaches your new subscribers How to Shave 5 Points Off Your Short Game

Going from a score of 80 to 75 with your tips can help them immensely. You can do the same with helping someone save time, lose weight, make money and more. With a good lead magnet, it doesn’t matter how narrow you go – as long as it’s a relevant issue for all of your visitors.

If you have a weight loss site and your lead magnet only caters to one of the two genders, then you’ll miss up on half of the opt ins because the other gender won’t feel it’s anything of value to them. 

Sometimes, subscribers feel ashamed of something, and when you tap into those emotions, you can get them signed up on your list with ease. For example, there’s shame in overeating. 

So if your weight loss site teaches them One Simple Hack to Stop Overeating in Its Tracks, chances are many people will sign up to see what that hack it. You’re combining the strategy of eliminating their shameful habit with piquing their curiosity and it will be too good to resist. 

So start with your lead magnet. Make it something that over delivers and really targets the heart of what they’re going through. Make it free and instantly accessible and build your subscriber base up quickly. 

Send a Warm-Up Welcome Email

Send a Warm Up Welcome Email

A niche prospect lands on your blog to read one of your posts and sees an opt in form in the sidebar. You’ve offered something interesting, and they take a chance and hand over their contact details in order to download the file.

Your next step is to deliver it to them, and here’s where your first impression can go right or wrong. The most important first thing to consider is that you deliver exactly what you promised.

Give them a working link, and make it instantly accessible. Don’t make them jump through hoops or sell to them before you send them what they opted in for. If you do that, you risk annoying them to the point they no longer want your freebie and just want to unsubscribe from your list instead. 

Once you include the link near or at the top of the email you send them, you need to add more welcoming verbiage and overdeliver to your audience in other ways. See, they expect to just be getting their download. 

But you have ample opportunity to wow them even more. You want to do more than the minimum of what’s expected of you, right? So first, give them a taste of your personality. You want to begin forming a bond with your subscribers right off the bat.

Introduce yourself (don’t write an entire book about yourself) – just tell them a little about you and why you’re happy to connect with them. Tell them how you hope to help them in the coming days, weeks, months and years. 

Invite them to reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns. This permission to make it a two-way street of communication is important. It makes you feel more accessible and they can relax and consider you an acquaintance and not just a spammer. 

Once you build that bridge of warmth and personality, overdeliver with something unexpected. You want to make their jaw drop at how giving and kind you are. So while it’s hard for some people to understand, you’ll want to create a second freebie to send these people.

In fact, this can be a product you sell to the general public – but are gifting to them for free. That means it has even more value. For example, you are building a list of subscribers to buy private label rights from you, you might have an original lead magnet report about how to monetize your PLR

Then the unexpected freebie you offer to those who sign up for the report can be something like a free pack of PLR and a list of affiliate programs or products that they can monetize it with. 

Overdelivering will have a big impact because It’s rare for most people to do it. Most people simply have “sign up for updates” on their lead page. So not only are you doing more than most in the first step, but you’re going even farther and nurturing your new subscriber after you have their contact details. 

Make sure that when and if someone reaches out to you – to ask a question or even just say thank you for the unexpected freebie – make sure you respond to them in a timely manner. Timely communication is important, and many marketers fail to reply at all. 

Find the Sweet Spot for Your Email Schedule

Find the Sweet Spot for Your Email Schedule

Scheduling emails is part of the vital strategy for your email marketing success. If you email your list too infrequently, they will forget who you are or why you’re contacting them.

Consumers have a very short attention span. Remember, the Internet is enormous and if you chose a good niche, you’ll have many marketers vying for the attention of your subscriber. 

If you contact them too often, they may get annoyed with you, feeling like you’re spamming their inbox. If they don’t see value in your communications, they’ll unsubscribe.

So what is too little or too much? The problem is, there’s no set standard. There are niches and marketers who have success emailing their list multiple times per day and some who get away with a single monthly email. 

One thing you need to know before you get started is that it’s impossible for you to please everyone. You’re going to have people emailing you asking where you disappeared to if you don’t email out enough.

You’ll have people sending you irate emails if they feel you emailed too often. Too often to them may be once a week or once a day, while another subscriber can’t get enough of you. 

How do you make a firm decision on the scheduling of email frequency? You test and tweak. First, start by only sending out emails when you have something to say. Never email out just to stay in front of your subscribers’ eyes.

One of the things you should put in your welcome email is a notice about how often you communicate in general. If you email out daily, then you might want to consider creating a weekly digest list they can move to if they feel like daily emails are too abundant. 

Watch your subscriber count. If it steadies out most of the time, or grows, then it means you’re doing okay with frequency. If your list plummets when you start emailing more often, then you can analyze if it’s the frequency or lack of apparent value that’s causing the demise of your list. 

One other thing to watch in terms of scheduling is what time of day is best for your emails to go out. Do you want to schedule it mid-morning after they’ve had a chance to settle in at work and have time to read your email?

Or would you like to be the first thing they wake up in their email inbox? Some people schedule according to launch times of the product promotions they’re mentioning. You can keep an eye on your stats and see when most of your subscribers are opening your email and queue them up for the optimal time. 

5 Types of Emails You Can Send Out

5 Types of Emails You Can Send Out

Some people new to email marketing flounder when it comes to knowing what to talk about in their emails to subscribers. They become shy and lack confidence in their leadership. 

Brainstorm some ideas of the kinds of things you want to talk about. If you don’t know, try some of the ideas below out and it will help you get started with your email communications. 

#1 – Teach your subscribers how to do something specific. 

People love getting bite-sized tutorials about things. Whether it’s a quick lesson on how to read a nutrition label or a single step on how to set up a split test sales page, they’ll appreciate getting a quick lesson from you in their email inbox. 

#2 – Send them a recommendation. 

There are many things consumers have to purchase in any given niche. It might be a course or service – or it could be a tangible item like a crockpot, dumbbells, or lawn mower. 

You can send your subscribers an in-depth review of a product telling them why you recommend something they’ll probably want to invest in at some point in their journey in this niche. 

#3 – Announce your new product!

It’s okay to toot your own horn and tell people when you have something new for sale. If you create a course or membership, let them know about it. What’s even better is if you can give your subscribers a perk that the general public doesn’t get.

This might be advanced access, even by a few days – or a discount coupon that lets them save money. You might even give them a specific bonus if they buy it as a subscriber that others don’t get access to. 

#4 – Conduct an interesting case study.

People love to see things unfold before they try it themselves. You can follow along with a course or utilize a tool and give them a play-by-play on how it went for you. You might even compile it into a free series where you show them how to do one step, give those results, and then move on. 

#5 – Survey them about something.

People love giving their $0.02 when they’re interested in a topic. By surveying them, you’re not only gathering information for your niche marketing needs, but you’re allowing them to have a voice and feel as though their needs are being addressed. 

You can use a free tool like Survey Monkey to handle the survey and polls for you or you can simply ask your subscribers if they’d like to reply to you and give their feedback or send you a request for something, such as what your next product or case study should be about. 

Weeding Out Your Non-Audience

Weeding Out Your Non Audience

There’s one thing about email marketing that you shouldn’t be afraid to do – weed out your non audience. This means eliminating the people who might not consider you the best fit for their needs. 

Now most marketers want to hang on to their subscribers because they think in terms of numbers only. But there’s a lot to be said for quality. If you have a list of subscribers who aren’t your best target audience, then your open rate will be poor and your conversions when you send traffic to offers as an affiliate will suffer, too. 

Trying to market to people who don’t want to hear your message – or who don’t act on it – hurts you more than it helps you. Even if the person seems to be in your demographic, there may be other reasons why weeding them out is beneficial for you.

For example, if they’re troublesome and always complaining or nitpicking about your efforts, it can eat up a lot of your time that could be spent catering to people who do like what you do, as it is. 

Email marketing success isn’t a numbers game. It’s not about who can build the biggest list of subscribers or email the most. It’s about making a genuine connection with your audience and branding yourself as a leader they can trust.

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